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B i o g r a p h y

Samuel GUETTA starts the guitar at the age of ten. Already sensitive to music and after taking private lessons, he continued his apprenticeship at the Conservatory of his hometown, then after a few years he perfected with several great concertists from different countries and styles, from Roland Dyens to Judicael Perroy via Pablo Marquez and other musicians.
All these experiences bring him a rich game, mixed emotions, warmth, spontaneity, and virtuosity.

The works addressed by Samuel Guetta are of different themes, countries, styles, eras. Which has earned him performances in Portugal, South India and various places, as a soloist in orchestra, solo or duet, with cello, violin, guitar, flute and vocals. , in an extensive directory and quality.

First prize in the international competition of Paris (U.F.A.M.) at the top level then laureate in honor, First prize unanimously at the departmental conservatory of Aulnay - undergrowth and prize of excellence. Holder, He currently teaches at CRC Courbevoie (92).



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